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Weeks of October 28-November 8

Posted on by Sapphire

Thank you to all that participated in our Bat Celebration last week.  The children enjoyed making bat hats, bat clips, necklaces, webs, hunting bats on an outdoor scavenger hunt, and making a bat snack.  One of our favorite songs from the Bat Party was “Nocturnal Animals” by Nancy Stewart. You can hear the song at this link:  And here are the lyrics so you can sing it at home:

On a moonlit night when the stars come out
There are nocturnal animals all about

1. Whoo, whoo, what do I see
A wise old owl looking at me

2. Meow, meow, what do I see
A big black cat is looking at me

3. Eee, eee, eee, what do I see
A little bat just looking at me

4. Ribit, ribit, what do I see
A big green tree frog looking at me

5. Squeak, squeak, squeak, what do I see
A garden dormouse looking at me

   We have been busy with art projects in the classroom.  The children made leaf prints that are on display this month at the Way Public Library.  Stop by the library to see all their beautiful work.  We have also been making lanterns by gluing tissue paper on milk jugs.  We will be using the lanterns for a parade as we learn about and celebrate the German Holiday of St. Martin’s Day.

  • The Book Fair was a huge success!  Thank you to all that purchased books.  The school earned over $250 in free books!
  • Emerald Room teacher, Jenni Miller, broke her ankle last week.  She will be home resting for the upcoming week and will be back as soon as she is feeling better.  The children made cards that were delivered to Jenni.

New Activities Introduced

Practical Life

  • Using an eyedropper to create a design
  • Practicing Safety Drills-Fire Drill and Lock Down Drill


  • Review of the Geometric Solids-sphere, cube, prism, cone, cylinder


  • Landforms lake & island, strait & isthmus, and bay & cape
  • The continent globe & map were introduced and we began learning the names of the 7 continents.
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