West Side Montessori Hosts Professor, Acclaimed Researcher to Speak On How Children Learn Best

Posted on by Roberta Handel

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West Side Montessori Hosts Professor, Acclaimed Researcher to Speak On How Children Learn Best

Why, after decades of efforts, are children not learning to their potential? Why are traditional classrooms still in crisis? Is Montessori a viable alternative? How does it work, and why? Internationally renowned researcher and psychology professor Dr. Angeline Stoll Lillard will answer these and other questions Thursday, November 10, at 7 p.m. at the Bancroft Campus of West Side Montessori.

In a presentation that speaks directly to the call for evidence-based learning, Dr. Lillard puts forth an amazing body of current scientific research that reveals how children learn best. She explains how these studies not only show why traditional teaching methods fall short, but also how the evidence points, time and again, to the teaching methods developed by physician Maria Montessori.

Dr. Lillard is praised as much for her easy communication style as the integrity of her research. Her book, Montessori: The Science Behind the Genius (Oxford University Press, 2005), has been hailed as authoritative, scholarly and an masterful explanation and exploration of the basic tenets of Montessori education.

West Side Montessori is proud to host Dr. Lillard in northwest Ohio at our Bancroft Campus, 7115 Bancroft St. Her enlightening talk is recommended to anyone interested in how humans develop and learn, from parents exploring education options to teachers, health care professionals and childcare providers. This presentation is free and open to the public. Doors open at 6:30 pm. For more information, call 419.866.1931.

Come and hear Dr. Lillard speak about the eight principles of Montessori education:

1. Movement and cognition are closely entwined
2. Learning is improved when there are choices
3. Learning is improved when students are interested
4. Extrinsic rewards can have negative impacts
5. Collaboration among peers enhances learning
6. Learning is improved in meaningful contexts
7. Adult interaction can provide optimal outcomes
8. Order in the environment is beneficial

Visit Dr. Lillard’s website to read articles and hear interviews of the doctor speaking on the benefits of Montessori education.


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