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Grandparents Event Cover

We cordially invite you to attend Grandparents’ and Special Friends’ Day!

This is a wonderful opportunity to spend time with the children in their classrooms. The students are always so happy and proud to share their space with loved ones. We hope that you can join us!

Q: What day should my child’s grandparent/special friend come visit?

A: We are lucky to have so many grandparents/special friends in our community! To accommodate all our visitors, we host 2 days for visits. Look for your child’s program in the list below to determine what day their guests should arrive.

Friday, May 6 -Toledo Campus
– Little House students enrolled in W-F classes
– Little House students enrolled in M-F classes
– All Children’s House students
– All students in levels 1-8 Friday,

Friday, May 6 – Perrysburg Campus
– Little House students enrolled in W-F classes

Monday, May 9 – Toledo Campus
– Little House students enrolled in M-T classes

Monday, May 9 – Perrysburg Campus
– Little House students M/T classes
– Little House students M-F classes
– All Children’s House students

Please feel free to call the offices with questions:
Toledo – 419-866-1931
Perrysburg – 419-874-9385

World Language Week cover

Please join us to celebrate World Language during the week of May 9-13!  It’s a week-long open house in our World Language classes, where family and friends are invited to attend classes and presentations at all levels. Come and see what we’re doing and learning!

World Language Week 2016 day-by-day schedule

Students in levels 1-8 and their Moms (or special friends) are invited to join us for Muffins with Mom on Tuesday, May 3, in the Toledo Campus Commons.


Cell-soldiersDo you have lots of old cell phones lying around your house? Starting today (March 18) you can donate your old cell phones to U.S. soldiers by placing them in the box in the main lobby in the west building. The phones will either be refurbished, wiped of their data, and resold or recycled. The proceeds from either process will be used to purchase international calling cards for the soldiers. The last day for donation is Friday, May 20. Have questions about this project? Read a few frequently asked questions online.

Thank you!

This project was organized by me, Shereen Yassine, a 7th grade student. Middle School students are currently writing research papers that also need to include an action component. Shereen’s research thesis statement is, “People say smartphones are expensive – but many have no idea of the actual human and environmental costs that reach beyond their wallets – if they did – they would realize the necessity of refurbishing and recycling their old phones.”

We are lucky to have such a wonderful community!