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Help support a good cause!

In August 2015, I went on a medical mission trip to Lima, Peru. My role there, along with the other team members, was to perform physical assessments on school-aged children. We served a grade school that has about 700 children. The conditions from which these children came from were like nothing I had ever seen before, except perhaps pictures in National Geographic. These children came from homes designed from particle board shabbily put together, some of which were not much better than the tree houses we built as kids.

DentalHealth_ArticleGraphicPart of the physical assessments that we performed were oral assessments. The pediatrician who joined us, Dr. Bev Scholler, was able to get fluoride donated from a few of her dentist friends. We applied fluoride to each child that we saw. The dental decay of many of these children made me want to cry at times. It made me think of the pictures that are posted in dental offices of worst case scenario cavities. Some just have shells of a tooth where molars should be. I couldn’t imagine how they live with the possible pain from cold and sweets.

Part of our mission was to teach good oral hygiene as well as general good hygiene and nutrition. As our parting gift we gave them each a gift bag of sample sizes of shampoo, soap, tooth paste, and a tooth brush. They were so excited; you would have thought we gave them a hundred dollar bill!

Our team reached out to family and friends to collect these items for over six months. They would collect the soaps and shampoos from travel to hotels. The dental supplies came from generous donations from local dentists, including West Side Montessori parent, Dr. Brian O’Neill, who donated 200 toothbrushes and tooth paste. There may be other dentists in our WSM community that donated that I am not aware of since many people were collecting.

In honor of Dental Health month I have been given permission to ask our West Side community to donate children’s tooth brushes and sample size tooth paste for the next medical mission trip. There will be a collection box in my office for anyone interested in donating to this worthy cause.

Thank you in advance for your generosity!
Meg Boyer, RN

A reminder about West Side Montessori’s weather policy. Stay warm!

Winter is here


Please drop off your canned good donations in the box outside the Music Room in the East Building of the Toledo Campus. Soups of all varieties are welcome along with canned vegetables and canned fruit. Boxes of crackers also will be accepted. The drive is from Wednesday, Feb. 3 through Friday, Feb. 12.

Thanks for showing love for our neighbors this month and for being a SOUPer Hero!

Online re-enrollment for the 2016-17 school year will open the second week of February. Look for an email once the forms are available at your West Side Montessori account. To access your WSM account, visit montessoritoledo.org and click on the Parent Login button.


New this year, all families are required to have a FACTS payment account. If you pay full tuition in advance, there is no annual fee. If you utilize a payment plan the annual fee is $60 per family.

For enrollment information for siblings that are not currently attending WSM please contact Anne Spenny (aspenny@montessoritoledo.org) or Tricia Miller-Purvis (tpurvis@montessoritoledo.org).

Do You Have Questions About Tuition Assistance?

facts_capWest Side Montessori continues to offer need-based tuition assistance. Families interested in receiving tuition assistance must apply annually.

To apply, go to FACTS website. The priority deadline is Tuesday, March 1. The cost to apply to FACTS for needs analysis is $30 and information needed includes 2014 or 2015 tax forms, 2015 W-2 Wage and Tax Statements, as well as other supporting information based on your circumstances.

Parent-Information-Packet-1Did you receive a Parent Information Packet in your child’s backpack this week?

The Spring Fundraiser is a wonderful evening that brings the entire West Side Montessori community together. It benefits our children by raising funds to support our outdoor campuses, program materials and enhancements, professional development for teachers, and technology.

Read through the Parent Information Packet and check out how you can become involved in this year’s event. To be successful, we need each and every family to help in one way or another.