What Is Montessori Grit?

Posted on by Helena Eddings

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Children are natural explorers who absorb each experience as they shape their personalities. They thrive in a carefully prepared environment designed by expert West Side Montessori teachers who offer the perfect range and balance of opportunities for their rapidly growing minds and bodies.


Children work to perfect themselves. At West Side Montessori young toddlers develop independence and competence as they delve into the unknown and learn to persevere. You can see the determination and excitement of accomplishment when a two-year-old exclaims, “Me do it!”

Young children want to understand the world and their place in it. West Side Montessori entices children to discover “why” and “how”. Each child is respected as an individual and encouraged to find the answers. The freedom to try and learn by doing encourages confidence and develops physical coordination and concentration – skills for life. From the smallest 13-month-old toddler to the oldest kindergartner, children are actively encouraged to seek knowledge, to think for themselves.


How can three and four-year-olds successfully carry out multiple-step activities with no adult supervision? Because they practice and master the strategically designed Montessori materials. Creativity is spontaneous when five and six-year-olds use advanced skills to express their growing imaginations writing stories with the moveable alphabet or creating a poster and presentation representing the story of their lives.

Montessori teachers continuously evaluate and update each learning environment to meet the children’s current interests and needs. A spontaneous lesson on insects found outside on the extensive natural grounds may be supplemented by a series of follow-up activities, books, and songs to maximize interest and depth of learning. Responsive, caring, highly skilled and experienced adults make the magic of Montessori come alive.

The problem solvers of tomorrow are West Side Montessori children today. They’ve got grit – independence, competence, perseverance – an unquenchable desire to understand.

Lynn Fisher,

Head of School

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