Why Observe Your Child’s Classroom?

Posted on by Megan Plesea

Observing your child during a typical day in his/her classroom is a valuable tool to see your child’s learning process in action and for understanding the unique qualities of the Montessori Method. 

We believe that, “Education is a natural process carried out by the human individual, and is acquired not by listening to words, but by experiences in the environment.” —Maria Montessori

Each Montessori classroom is designed to meet the unique needs of the children at that age. From the size and placement of the tables, chairs, and shelves, to the organization of the Montessori materials, each room has been carefully and beautifully created. 

The lessons teachers present are selected to meet the learning needs of the children. Montessori teachers are taught to observe students each day so that they are able to offer lessons and work that foster the children’s academic, emotional, social, and physical development. 

A Montessori classroom is full of “active learning”. Touching materials, listening to a peer’s words, watching a teacher present a lesson, moving quietly around the room, and carefully choosing work from our shelves are all ways students are engaged in their learning. 

It is important to us that you observe our room and look for signs of Maria Montessori’s philosophy in action. To guide you, when you check-in at the front desk, you will receive key elements to look for as well as some observation tips to ensure that our unique and peaceful classroom remains undisturbed. 

Observation begins after the first six weeks of school and ends in mid-May. To schedule classroom observations or request a guided observation with WSM Admissions staff, please call the Toledo Campus (419-866-1931) or Perrysburg Campus (419-874-9385).


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