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Winter Break

Posted on by Rose

We hope you are all enjoying your Winter Break!  New and challenging work awaits our Rose Room friends.  We will introduce the beginning sound basket.  In this basket we have a sound booklet and several items that begin with that sound.  Our first letter is c that makes the hard c sound, for example the word cat.  A great extension to do at home is to go on a “c” scavenger hunt.  Go with your child around the house, store, outside, anywhere and find items or even people who begin with that sound.  In our basket we have a cow, cauliflower, camel, carrot, and corn on the cob.  You can also have your child trace the letter c in flour or salt and repeat the hard c sound.

Please remember to send Winter outdoor clothing when we come back on January 6th.  Snow boots, snow pants, coat, hat and mittens.  Mittens are easier for the children to put on by themselves.  Also, please practice the coat flip over the break.  Children love to put their coats on without help!  Simply put the tag at their toes, arms in the holes and flip!  Arms need to stay in the arm holes.  This takes practice.  Let them just keep trying…even if you have no where to go!

We will welcome a new friend, Reed, to the Rose Room in January.

We look forward to seeing all our friends soon!

We hope to enjoy the snow again this Winter!

We hope to enjoy the snow again this Winter!

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