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Winter Happenings!

Posted on by Maple

Practical Life-

The Practical Life activities continue to increase in difficulty and time to complete. This area focuses on a sense of order, concentration, coordination, confidence, and independence to complete. Currently, the work choices focus on the skills of hand transfer, tonging, stringing, and hammering. A popular new work has been the transfer of water from vase to vase using a baster. There is another water activity in which water is transferred using a small dropper to a rubber soap holder. It takes a lot of skill and precision to complete this work. If your child has changed their shirt during the day or says their clothes are wet, these works may have been the culprits! They do not stay on the shelf for very long. Food preparation has also been a hit. The two options include using a juicer to make your own orange juice and preparing your own bowl of cereal as a breakfast snack. Each of these works is completed one time during the day and do not return to the shelf until the following day.


Large transfer with a baster


Small transfer with a dropper

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