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Posted on by Poplar


Oh what fun we had playing with Worms!!!  The children were asked to draw a picture of an earthworm before the worms were brought out.  It was nice to see that so many children had been exposed to worms previously.  We read a book titled I Wonder What It’s Like to be an Earthworm. The book explained the habitat of an earthworm, what an earthworm likes and dislikes, parts of a worm, etc.  We made a book on the different parts of the earthworm and then the children were able to touch and feel an earthworm.  We used our senses to explore the worm.  Does an earthworm smell?  “Like dirt.”  How does the earthworm feel?  “Cold, wet, slippery.”  Does the earthworm make noise?  “No.”  Describe how your earthworm looks. “Wiggly, brown, red, thick, thin.”  And who would like to taste the worm?  Just kidding.  I was glad I did not have a child raise their hand…The following class, we did worm experiments.  We did two experiments:  Do works like dark or light?  And do worms like wet or dry?  Before each experiment the children made a prediction.  We explained that a prediction is what you think will happen or what you think the outcome will be.  Afterwards, we observed worms on a tray where one side of the tray was covered with a piece of paper.  Slowly but surely the worms ventured over under the paper.  We discussed why they like dark better than light?  Worms consider any light to be the sun.  And the sun dries out their skin thus not allowing them to breath.  So when they sense light, they try really hard to find a dark place where they will be safe and not dry out.  We documented the results and moved onto the next experiment.  Do worm like wet or dry?  We made our predictions first and then worms were placed on a tray with one side having a wet paper towel on it.  The worms began moving towards the wet paper after a while.  Again, the worm likes when its skin is wet because it keeps them from drying out and also allows them to move easily through the soil.  We documented our results.  Finally, we made a worm book using describing and action words.  We then gave a name to our earthworm and wrote a story about it.  Many of the stories were quite humorous!


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