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Wrapping Up the Year and Reflection

Posted on by Maple

There were many fun and exciting events for the kindergartners as the school year came to a close. The kindergarten children and their parents enjoyed a special lunch of spaghetti, bread, salads, and pasta. Thanks to everyone who brought a dish to share. Laughter and conversation filled the room as we sat together at banquet tables. Afterwards, the children viewed the DVD of Spring Sing. They loved seeing themselves on the big screen and could not help but sing along with their favorite songs. Field Day was next on our to-do list. This was a special day for children in kindergarten through eighth grade to participate in many outdoor activities, such as tug-of-war, racing on scooters, water play, and jumping races in bean bags just to name a few. It was a warm day, but the children kept in good spirits and enjoyed their time with children from different levels. They worked together and rotated through eight different stations. To conclude Field Day, Jana asked the kindergartners to come up on stage and lead the rest of the children in the singing of the school song. They were so proud! At the last gathering with the kindergartners, they were asked to reflect on their experiences this year. They made a memory book of their favorite project in the afternoon, favorite topic, favorite book shared, etc. They were given the opportunity to stand up and share their memory book with everyone at circle. Many enjoyed studying about worms, ladybugs, and creating their papier mache globes. It was a great year with moments we will always remember!

The Kindergarten Luncheon 





Field Day


Making a Memory Book


Our Last Picture Together


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