List of 15 members.

  • Photo of Jennifer Schoepf

    Jennifer Schoepf 

    Head of School
  • Photo of Kathy Heckert

    Kathy Heckert 

    Director of Early Childhood Education
  • Photo of Tricia Miller-Purvis

    Tricia Miller-Purvis 

    Director of Elementary & Middle School Education
  • Photo of Brandi Parcell

    Brandi Parcell 

    Perrysburg Campus Director
  • Photo of Glenda Garrison

    Glenda Garrison 

    Development Director
  • Photo of Anne Spenny

    Anne Spenny 

    Admission Director
  • Photo of Dawn Westley

    Dawn Westley 

    Director of Business Operations
  • Photo of Carol Arnold

    Carol Arnold 

    Receptionist - Perrysburg Campus
  • Photo of Marizol Compton

    Marizol Compton 

    Data Administrator
  • Photo of Helena Eddings

    Helena Eddings 

    Admission Assistant and Marketing Coordinator
  • Photo of Linda Juhasz

    Linda Juhasz 

  • Photo of Katie Orten

    Katie Orten 

    Health Coordinator
  • Photo of Megan Plesea

    Megan Plesea 

    Communications Coordinator
  • Photo of Kris Stainbrook

    Kris Stainbrook 

  • Photo of Michelle Strom

    Michelle Strom 

    Business Assistant