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  • Montessori classrooms have big feelings and even bigger outcomes!

    Brandi Parcell
    Montessori classrooms have big feelings and even bigger outcomes! 

    Fact: Emotional intelligence (EQ) is like IQ in the way that we are all born with an innate starting point, and it can be strengthened or diminished with nourishment or neglect. EQ is often described as the ability to recognize, understand, cope with, and express our emotions in appropriate ways. 

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  • A student working in the school's greenhouse

    The Fisher Outdoor Education Program Launches this Fall!

    An interview with West Side Montessori’s Fisher Outdoor Education Program Coordinator, Cody Murnen
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  • We Respect the Dignity of Every Person

    Jenn Schoepf, Head of School
    As I have reflected on the recent police killings and subsequent unrest in our community and across the globe, it is with utter heartache that I write this message. The tragedies reflect patterns of structural and institutional racism in our country. The West Side community stands on the side of social justice and condemns racism and violence.
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  • Caring for the Environment

    “The land is where our roots are. The children must be taught to feel and live in harmony with the Earth.” - Maria Montessori 
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  • Montessori is More Than a Classroom

    The self-motivation, confidence, and compassion of West Side Montessori students are evident beyond the four walls of the classroom.
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  • Washing Dishes

    Learning from Home: Establishing Routines

    "It may not seem like it right now, but this time together is a gift. Use it well."
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  • WSM students collaborating on their work

    Collaboration in the Montessori Classroom

    At West Side Montessori, we teach our students to collaborate rather than to compete against one another.
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  • Ellie Martin (Class of 2000)

    Ellie Martin (Class of 2000)

    Recognized in both the vocal jazz performance and scholarship worlds, Ellie Martin is a highly respected vocalist, educator, and Jazz studies scholar. She is currently the vocal jazz instructor and vocal jazz ensemble director at the University of Toledo, and Toledo School for the Arts. In addition to her teaching, Ellie continues to perform nationally as well as internationally.
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  • Morgan AviƱa

    Staff Spotlight: Morgan Aviña

    Morgan Aviña is a Lower Elementary Teacher in the Bluebird Room.

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  • Adolescent Montessori Education

    Maria Montessori divided an individual’s development into four planes of development, each with different characteristics and needs.
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  • Peace Education in Montessori

    Our world is often a tumultuous and scary place.  How can we help our children feel safe and cared for, while preparing them to lead the way as adults?  How can we cultivate empathy, kindness, gratitude, and the sense of community that helps people work together?
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  • Sharing vs. Surrendering: Why We Don't Force Kids to Share

    Waiting patiently is an important life skill! Montessori classrooms purposely have just one of most materials so that children learn to wait.
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  • Max Shelton (Class of 2019)

    Max Shelton (Class of 2019)

    How do our West Side students do when they transition to high school? This is a question many parents ask when considering committing to a Montessori education through 8th grade.
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  • Beth Ann Less (Class of 2009)

    Beth Ann Less (Class of 2009)

    West Side Montessori
    "The Montessori focus on independent learning taught me problem-solving skills and confidence when completing projects, which I have utilized in school, internships, and now in my career."
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  • Charles Christian Tylinski (Class of 2008)

    Charles Christian Tylinski (Class of 2008)

    West Side Montessori
    “I seriously wish there was a way I could repay my parents for sending me to West Side; I feel so fortunate for the opportunity.”
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