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  • Montessori Materials

    Montessori Materials: What are they?!

    Last week, across the globe, Montessorians celebrated the life of Maria Montessori, who revolutionized the future of education. In honor of her work that we so deeply admire and treasure, we would like to share with you a deeper understanding of some of the material that is used in Montessori schools around the world. These unique materials and the training we have gone through as teachers make the Montessori method come alive at West Side Montessori!!! 

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  • Staff Spotlight: Molly Bernhardt

    Molly Bernhardt is a Lower Elementary teacher at West Side Montessori and has been teaching for 27 years.

    "I love that a true Montessori experience allows the children to be themselves and create and construct who they will be. I love that children are free to follow a passion, or a need or a challenge and are trusted to make these choices."
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  • Positive Discipline

    Children's House teacher Chelsea Seals discusses the basics of Positive Discipline from a Montessori perspective.
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  • Chelsea Seals in the classroom

    Staff Spotlight: Chelsea Seals

    Chelsea Seals is a Children's House teacher in the Emerald Room at the Perrysburg Campus.
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  • Pre Covid Photo

    Staff Spotlight: Sarah Bell

    Sarah Bell is passionate about guiding Middle School students not only with academic competencies but with social and emotional proficiencies as well.
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  • Sarah Kreinbrink

    Staff Spotlight: Sarah Kreinbrink

    Sarah Krienbrink has been teaching at WSM for 19 years and is passionate about student-led learning!
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  • Staff Spotlight: Natalie Fisher

    Natalie Fisher is a Lower Elementary teacher in the Goldfinch classroom and has been teaching at West Side for 27 years.
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  • Amy Wagner

    The Normalized Classroom

    Amy Wagner
    When normalization happens, the children are now working as if the teacher doesn't exist. Maria Montessori calls normalization the greatest sign of success for a teacher.
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  • Katie Bellman with her family

    Staff Spotlight: Katie Bellman

    Katie Bellman is a Children's House teacher in the Sycamore classroom.
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  • Peace Table in a Lower Elementary Classroom

    Incorporating Peace Education in the Montessori Classroom

    Erica Blanco
    As International Day of Peace approaches, I think of my classroom, my students as individuals, and even myself and wonder, “Is there enough focus on Peace Education as much as I teach math and language?” To be honest, I, as a teacher, sometimes find it hard to find a good balance. Schools, administration, parents, and even teachers themselves can get hung up on the academics part and forget the true purpose of this education and what makes it special and important.

    For Montessori, peace was on the forefront of her mind when she created this model of education. Montessori said, “Establishing lasting peace is the work of education.” (Education and Peace, p viii, Foreword)
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  • Brandi Parcell

    The Gift of Time

    Brandi Parcell
    Child development is not a competition. It is a gradual unfolding of the human potential. Just as each child’s timetable for physical growth is unique, so is the timetable for emotional, social, and academic growth.
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  • Amy Wagner, Children's House Teacher

    Peer Inspiration: A Glimpse into a Montessori Classroom

    Amy Wagner
    I was sitting next to Natalie (age 4) at a rug. We had just finished a lesson on the Montessori Continent Map. She was deciding whether or not she wanted to make a book of the continents, a pin-pushed map, or a painting. After much contemplation, Natalie decided on a book. She gathered the supplies she would need: a floor table, an art mat, paper, and her pencil box.
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  • Crossing the Midline!

    Lauren Tracy
    As your child develops, her brain is rapidly forming. Children require lots of sleep to process the immense amount of information the brain has absorbed. The midline is an invisible line that begins between the two hemispheres of the brain. When educators and physicians discuss “Crossing the Midline,” they are referring to any tasks that require bilateral movement- from reading across a page to swimming, alternating arms, and legs while moving through the water. 
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  • Adrienne Gallagher

    Adrienne (Sack) Gallagher

    Former West Side student Adrienne (Sack) Gallagher was thrilled and honored to receive a Sports Emmy in the Outstanding Short Feature Category. Her winning piece was a 12-minute video, detailing the life of former Southern Methodist University men’s golf coach Jason Enloe as he dealt with losing his wife to cancer and his team’s subsequent run toward an NCAA Division I National Championship.
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  • Emily Jetter, K-8 School Counselor

    Focusing on our Students' Mental Health

    Emily Jetter
    As I was back to school shopping this year for face masks, I reflected on just how different this school year will be. As a school counselor, how can I best support students? In what ways can I support school staff? What can I do to help parents? So many questions and I do not have all the answers. So I started researching. What I discovered was that a lot of other mental health professionals are also trying to figure out the answers to these and so many other questions. And while there are many unknowns that we must cope with daily, here is what we do know...
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  • Montessori classrooms have big feelings and even bigger outcomes!

    Brandi Parcell
    Montessori classrooms have big feelings and even bigger outcomes! 

    Fact: Emotional intelligence (EQ) is like IQ in the way that we are all born with an innate starting point, and it can be strengthened or diminished with nourishment or neglect. EQ is often described as the ability to recognize, understand, cope with, and express our emotions in appropriate ways. 

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  • A student working in the school's greenhouse

    The Fisher Outdoor Education Program Launches this Fall!

    An interview with West Side Montessori’s Fisher Outdoor Education Program Coordinator, Cody Murnen
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  • Shohan Shetty ('12)

    Shohan Shetty (Class of 2012)

    This past spring, WSM alum Shohan Shetty (‘12) graduated with College Honors from Washington University with a major in Neuroscience and a minor in Anthropology.
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  • We Respect the Dignity of Every Person

    Jenn Schoepf, Head of School
    As I have reflected on the recent police killings and subsequent unrest in our community and across the globe, it is with utter heartache that I write this message. The tragedies reflect patterns of structural and institutional racism in our country. The West Side community stands on the side of social justice and condemns racism and violence.
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  • Caring for the Environment

    “The land is where our roots are. The children must be taught to feel and live in harmony with the Earth.” - Maria Montessori 
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