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  • Margaret Kohler with her family.

    Staff Spotlight: Margaret Kohler

    "At every level, we have a phenomenal World Language program. It's wonderful that the school community values this special experience. I don’t know of any school around which can match our program, so it’s a unique gift a family can offer their child. The teachers are always innovating to make it better, too. We care a lot about our students as individuals and their learning experience." - Margaret Kohler, WSM French Teacher
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  • Staff Spotlight: Rocio Laorden Baeza

    Rocio Laorden Baeza teaches Spanish to students ages 3 years old-4th grade and believes learning a new language from a young age can be a fun and rewarding experience that enhances cognitive development and cultural understanding.
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  • Five Ways Pets Support Montessori Learning!

    Having your child take care of family pets can be a way of bringing the Montessori philosophy into your home. It develops a number of skills along with many positive character traits, which helps in the development of the “whole child.”
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  • Staff Spotlight: Morag Hastie

    Morag Hastie is an Upper Elementary teacher at WSM and feels the most important role is supporting the students in figuring out how to sit in that struggle space, how to think, how to be tenacious, how to work hard. It is a skill that will help them regardless of where life takes them.  
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  • Staff Spotlight: Andrew Sautter

    Andrew Sautter has taught at West Side Montessori for 12 years and believes the true magic of Montessori is the structure and environment allows students to develop responsibilities, explore their interests, investigate curiosities, gain a sense of self, learn boundaries, develop skills and gain knowledge in a way that is exciting and appealing to students which keeps them wanting more.
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  • Montessori Materials!

    Montessori materials teach only one skill at a time to provide children with the opportunity to master key learning outcomes through repetition and practice. Doctor Montessori stated, “Nothing goes into the mind that does not first go through the hands.”
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  • Kyla Knight, Children's House Teacher

    Staff Spotlight: Kyla Knight

    Kyla has taught at West Side for the past 10 years and she believes that Montessori education isn’t just about how smart your child can be and achieving the best grades. It is about finding out who your child really is and nurturing them to be the best they can be.
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  • Staff Spotlight: Brittany Turner

    Brittany Turner has been teaching in the Little House program at WSM for 5 years. Brittany is inspired by the thought and care that goes into creating a true Montessori environment.
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  • Celebrating Holidays – The Montessori Way

    In a Montessori classroom, the commercial ‘noise’ of the holidays is silenced as children are provided with age-appropriate information about the people, places, foods, and traditions surrounding the holidays.
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  • Practical Life Work in Elementary

    The work of practical life does not stop in the elementary years at West Side Montessori, nor does it become any less important. It does, however, take on different forms and blend into the rest of the program. 
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  • Staff Spotlight: Bridgett Miller

    Bridgett Miller has been teaching at WSM for 13 years and recently received her certification as a School Garden Educator. She is passionate about teaching children gardening skills and respecting nature. 
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  • The Planes of Development

    The Montessori Planes of Development!

    Childhood is divided into four planes of development lasting six years each. Each plane has its own characteristics that affect our approach toward the child.
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  • Staff Spotlight: Emily Jetter

    Emily Jetter serves as WSM's K-8 school counselor and is passionate about reducing the stigma around mental health and integrating students' interests with therapeutic techniques. 
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  • Molly Bernhardt

    Staff Spotlight: Molly Bernhardt

    Molly Bernhardt is a Lower Elementary teacher at West Side Montessori and has been teaching for 28 years.

    "I love that a true Montessori experience allows the children to be themselves and create and construct who they will be. I love that children are free to follow a passion, or a need or a challenge and are trusted to make these choices."
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  • Staff Spotlight: Stephanie Sullivan

    Stephanie Sullivan serves as the Admissions and Campus Coordinator at West Side Montessori's Perryburg campus. Prior to her current role, Stephanie taught in the Sapphire classroom for 11 years.
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  • Jenn Schoepf with students

    Staff Spotlight: Jenn Schoepf

    Jenn Schoepf is the Head of School at West Side Montessori and has worked at WSM for 28 years! 
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  • Why Observe Your Child in the Classroom?

    Children's House teacher Amy Wagner explains why we encourage parents to schedule classroom observations.
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  • Montessori Myths...DEBUNKED!

    Have you heard contradicting things about Montessori education? In this video, we DEBUNK some common myths about Montessori.
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  • Children's House Teacher Amy Wagner

    Spotlight Post: Amy Wagner

    Amy Wagner has been a Montessori teacher for 22 years, 13 of those years at West Side Montessori. Amy is passionate about meeting every child where they are and igniting a joy for learning.
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  • Consistency & Routines

    The smallest discrepancy in a child's daily routine can disrupt their entire day! Consistency in parenting offers stability to your kids when they need it most.
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