Upper Elementary

Upper Elementary

Grade 4-6

Dr. Maria Montessori

"The greatest gifts we can give our children are the roots of responsibility and the wings of independence"
In WSM’s Upper Elementary, healthy social, emotional, and physical development is encouraged through cross-level group activities and lessons. Growing intellectual capacity is matched by challenging concepts and curriculum.
Under the guidance of two Montessori certified teachers per classroom, Upper Elementary students are introduced to textbooks and continue to utilize advanced Montessori materials to master academic objectives. Homework is also introduced in the Upper Elementary program.
Setting West Side Montessori Upper Elementary classrooms apart from traditional grade 4-6 classrooms, students are able to control the order in which their work is completed resulting in a strong sense of personal responsibility for academic achievement and task completion.

Freedom within developmentally appropriate boundaries is a hallmark of a true Montessori classroom and Upper Elementary students learn to efficiently plan their time and independently direct their learning within a carefully curated curriculum. As a result, Upper Elementary students enjoy coming to school while tackling their transition to adolescence with a sense of confidence and self-direction.

West Side Montessori’s Upper Elementary curriculum includes robust instruction in language arts, mathematics, science, social studies, Spanish or French, art, music, physical education, outdoor education, and technology. Each Upper Elementary classroom is staffed with two full-time Montessori certified teachers and a part-time classroom assistant, providing the small student-teacher ratio required to properly implement a highly-effective Montessori environment.