Tuition Information

Education is an investment.

It is an investment in your child’s future and it is a financial investment that requires a big commitment. We understand that and know the decision to attend a private school does not come lightly.
Our students and families come from many different communities, a wide range of economic backgrounds and represent the rich cultural diversity of our area.

Tuition Payments

Blackbaud Tuition Management (BTM) accounts are created when you complete your child’s enrollment contract. Blackbaud Tuition Management is an application that provides parents with online account access, online payment processing, a mobile app, and other features. Tuition payments are made through BTM by bank account deduction or credit card. 
West Side offers the option of paying in full or utilizing a payment plan. If you choose to pay in full, the payment is made by the date specified on your Enrollment Agreement. If you choose the payment plan, the tuition can typically be divided into 10 or 12 monthly payments.

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Tuition Payment Security Measures
Physical, electronic, and procedural safeguards include:
  • All payment data is transmitted using 256-bit encryption through a VPN network
  • Blackbaud is Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS) Level One compliant
  • Blackbaud follows the Federal Trade Commission's (FTC's) Red Flag Rules for identity theft prevention
  • Funds are placed in Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) insured custodial accounts; Blackbaud maintains professional liability, employee theft, cybersecurity, and general insurance protection

Tuition Assistance

The WSM Board of Trustees allocates and supports a limited amount of tuition assistance for families who would not be able to join our community without such help. Priority is given to students who are kindergarten and above. Families with children in grades K-8 who reside in Ohio must also apply for EdChoice if applying for tuition assistance.

To apply for tuition assistance, use the Blackbaud Financial Aid online aid application at WSM's Blackbaud Financial Aid ID is 14462

You will be guided through the remaining pages. To be considered in the first round of funding, please complete your application prior to February 1. The WSM Tuition Assistance Committee will review the information after your child is accepted at WSM and the tuition deposit is received.
Families with varying incomes are eligible for assistance. In a recent year grants were awarded as follows:
Gross Family Income # of Tuition Assistance Students
$1 - $59,999 28
$60,000 - $99,999 52
$100,000- $149,999 40
$150,000+ 24


The Scrip Program allows families to “earn” money for tuition by purchasing gift certificates from national and local merchants through Northwest Ohio Scrip Association. The merchants provide a discount percentage that is then applied as a credit toward a family's tuition. 


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  • Payment and Refund Policies

    1. Each family must have an established and current Blackbaud Tuition Management payment account. All payments must be current for the child to start and remain in school. 

    2. The tuition deposit is applied to the total annual tuition. Both the tuition deposit and Blackbaud Tuition Management fees are non-refundable. 

    3. Families who withdraw any child prior to July 1 forfeit the tuition deposit only. Additional tuition paid shall be refunded. 

    4. Families who withdraw any child between July 1 and the first day of school owe 10% of the total annual tuition.

    5. Families with children enrolled in Little House and Children’s House programs can decrease the number of program days or decrease from full to half-day once without financial penalty. Tuition will be adjusted accordingly. Additional changes in program are charged at $100 per change.

    6. Children new to West Side Montessori may be withdrawn during the first six weeks with an obligation to pay a pro-rated share of the annual tuition based on the number of days enrolled, with a minimum payment being the tuition deposit. Additional tuition paid shall be refunded.

    7. Families who withdraw a returning child after the first day of school, but prior to November 1, are obligated to pay 50% of the total annual tuition. 

    8. Families who withdraw any child between November 1 and January 5 are obligated to pay 75% of the total annual tuition.

    9. Families who withdraw after January 5 are obligated to pay 100% of the total annual tuition.

    10. Force Majeure: The School’s duties and obligations under this Contract shall be suspended immediately without notice during all periods that the School is closed because of force majeure events including, but not limited to, any fire, act of God, hurricane, war, governmental action, act of terrorism, epidemic, pandemic, or any other event beyond the School’s control. If such an event occurs, the School’s duties and obligations in this Contract may be altered, suspended, or postponed until such time as the School, in its sole discretion, may safely reopen. Due to an event under this clause, the School is under no obligation to refund any portion of the tuition paid, no reduction in tuition will occur, and tuition payments will continue as scheduled.  

    11. No tuition adjustments will be made for illness, extended vacations, gross violations of school policy, or Force Majeure events nor will the school permit students to decrease their program prior to withdrawal in order to reduce tuition owed. The school complies with federal laws regarding military deployment.  
West Side Montessori is an independent, accredited Montessori school educating children 13 months through 8th grade (preschool, kindergarten, elementary school, and middle school). We are one of the leading private schools in Toledo and the nation.

WSM does not discriminate on the basis of ethnic origin, race, religion, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, or disability in the administration of its admission policy, educational policy, or any school-administered program.