Tuition Information

Tuition Assistance

Tuition Assistance is Available

Tuition Assistance is awarded in the form of grants applied toward tuition reduction and need not be repaid.
Over 1 million is awarded in tuition assistance each year. In the recent past, approximately 30% of WSM families have tuition assistance. Awards range from $500 to half-tuition.

Families complete the Smart Tuition application for grant and aid each year they wish to be considered for assistance.
Once aid is awarded, if the family financial situation remains the same, it is generally awarded in subsequent years at a similar dollar or percentage level of commitment as in the initial award year, as resources allow.



Priority Deadline: March 1
Applications are submitted online.
One application is used for all children in the family.
There is an application fee.
WSM ID #14462

Tuition Assistance Notification Dates

Note: Applications must be submitted and in “Complete” status per Smart Tuition before a review and award are made. It is the responsibility of parents to confirm whether their application is complete per Smart Tuition. Applications completed past the deadline will be placed in the Tuition Assistance Waitpool.

  • Current Families: First Week of April
  • New Families (deposit made by March 15): First Week of April
  • New Families (deposit made after March 15) Approximately 2 weeks after submitting your deposit and confirming your child’s enrollment

Tuition Assistance Information

  • Tuition Assistance decisions are determined by the West Side Montessori Tuition Assistance Committee on the basis of the financial information the family submits to Smart Tuition.
  • WSM believes the family bears the primary responsibility for funding their child’s education and will not fund 100% of the cost of tuition.
  • All financial information received is held in confidence. Financial information is never shared with faculty members, donors, or among families who maintain separate households.
  • The Tuition Assistance Committee exercises discretion in evaluating applications and making awards in order to achieve the school’s overall enrollment goals. In the event that the total tuition assistance need exceeds available funds, applicants will be considered in the following order:
    • reenrolling students currently receiving tuition assistance
    • reenrolling students new to tuition assistance
    • new students
  • If a family believes that the tuition assistance awarded is insufficient to meet its needs, they may file a written appeal to the Tuition Assistance Committee. Appeals have to include information that was not previously available or clarification of an item or an extenuating circumstance.
  • Deposits are refunded if the family notifies the Admission Director within two weeks of receiving tuition assistance that the award is insufficient to meet its needs.