We Respect the Dignity of Every Person

As I have reflected on the recent police killings and subsequent unrest in our community and across the globe, it is with utter heartache that I write this message. The tragedies reflect patterns of structural and institutional racism in our country. The West Side community stands on the side of social justice and condemns racism and violence.
West Side Montessori is a community built upon a deep respect for the individual dignity of every person and an understanding that our connections as humans are indivisible. Our Montessori philosophy is rooted in the fundamental ideal of respect. Respect for self, and for others. We challenge ourselves and others to take action to eliminate racial disparities locally and globally. 

I hope we can all agree that education (for adults and children) is a powerful pathway to gaining a better understanding of why discrimination and the underlying causes of racism exist. Your children may be asking some big questions right now. I have included several resources to help support you. Let us all work together to make all members of our community feel valued, respected, and safe. 

In peace,


Online Resources

See What We See, a coalition of writers, scholars, educators, librarians, and activists who believe that what we read can help shape our attitudes and actions, has created this guide for selecting anti-bias books for children.

Children's Book Lists
These lists of children's books, compiled by a variety of sources, have themes that aim to accurately reflect the many people, cultures, and traditions of our world; help dispel myths and biases; and promote peace and understanding.