Adrienne (Sack) Gallagher

Former West Side student Adrienne (Sack) Gallagher was thrilled and honored to receive a Sports Emmy in the Outstanding Short Feature Category. Her winning piece was a 12-minute video, detailing the life of former Southern Methodist University men’s golf coach Jason Enloe as he dealt with losing his wife to cancer and his team’s subsequent run toward an NCAA Division I National Championship.
Adrienne attended elementary school at West Side. In an interview after winning her Emmy, she shared a specific memory from her kindergarten class.

“My classmate, Sarah Hollenbeck—her mom was a Native American storyteller. She would come in, maybe once a month, and do these in-person storytelling events where you’d all sit in a circle and she’d tell these amazing stories. I remember thinking, ‘That’s what I want to do!’”
Adrienne ended up graduating from the Fisher School of Business at The Ohio State University. Though she didn’t receive any creative training in the classroom, like many curious and confident Montessori kids, her initiative was a game-changer.
“The big thing about going to Ohio State is the football team,” Adrienne said. “And because of the football team, ABC Sports would come every weekend. So here I am a sophomore in college knocking on the side of the trailer door and—(producer) Bob Goodrich—he opens up and he’s like, ‘What are you doing here?’ And I said, ‘I’m Adrienne. I’m a student here and I’d work for free if you just need any help.’”
Adrienne spent the first ten years of her career making content for broadcast. She was on staff at ABC, ESPN, and Golf Channel before becoming a freelance producer. As she once dreamed, Adrienne is now telling stories as the managing producer of her video production company, Greenlight Productions.
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