Middle School Fall Camp 2020: Race to Olympus

Each fall, our McMaster Middle School students begin their school year with a week-long adventure. Though off-campus trips are not being planned this year, West Side is fortunate to have space to host adventures right on campus!
Last week, WSM Middle School students enjoyed a week of Greek-themed camp activities at our Toledo Campus. The culmination of their first unit of the school year tied in language arts and culture studies from the classroom where they've been reading Percy Jackson & the Olympians, the first book in the Camp Half-Blood series, studying Greek myths, and learning about Odysseus's adventures in the Odyssey. Students were split into teams to complete fun challenges like trust hikes on the trails, relay races through the woods, campfire cooking, archery, and glow-in-the-dark capture the flag and spent a night under the stars in tents on the soccer field.