Christian Reichle ('05)

Mother and Son, Monica Pritchard and Christian Reichle, took the top spot at the Grand Rapids Art Prize 2021.
ArtPrize, an international art competition, is recognized as one of the world’s largest annual public art events. This year's grand prize winner was determined by the number of visitor engagements.
Before You Go is an audio-based installation that compiles a series of interviews the team conducted with members of the public from Grand Rapids and around the country. A vintage phone booth acts as the primary installation and invites spectators to come inside and hear excerpts of the interviews that have been compiled into several tracks that reflect the consistencies and similarities in respondents' answers.
The project seeks to spark thought and conversation within a diverse group of people from multiple generations while exploring topics surrounding life, death, and our collective hopes, dreams—and regrets within them. The interviews support the project themes of intergenerational connection, mortality, missed opportunities, isolation, and introspection. The team aims to expose the similarities amongst us and encourage conversation between generations that may otherwise be missed before it is too late. Call 1-888-665-2036 to hear some selections from the interviews. See more photos of the installation.
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