WSM Middle School: No Better Return on Your Money

I am a mother of four and a current WSM parent. My son Kevin is in 6th level and my son George is in Little House. In addition, my two oldest children attended WSM through 8th grade; both of my girls now attend Notre Dame Academy. 

I cannot express to you enough the sheer amazement I experienced watching the transformation of my children throughout their years at West Side. But the TRUE accomplishment was seeing them blossom in their final years in Middle School. 
There is something so beautiful and inspirational about seeing the completion of the 8th year at West Side. I saw the value of their Montessori education come full circle as my children emerged as young women who had become confident, independent learners. 

Let’s face it, middle school is such a tough stage in life, there are so many directions a child can be pulled in by peers and their environment. But because my children grew up through 8th grade in this secure, safe, and loving space during these tumultuous adolescent years, they were free to be themselves while focusing on what was truly important, becoming the human beings they were meant to be.

As they began their high school adventure, I watched these young women take their academics seriously while easily making new friends and holding onto old friends. As a parent, I understand the sacrifice it takes to invest in private education, but there is NO BETTER return on your money. My girls were both academically and socially prepared for everything they’ve encountered in high school, both are on the honor roll, play sports, and have made wonderful friends. 

I credit WSM Middle School for the role it played in helping shape my girls during their early teenage years. 

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