Program Meets Students Where They Are and Pushes Them Just the Right Amount

As a parent of a recent middle school graduate and current 7th-grade student at West Side, I wanted to provide some perspective on some of the benefits of keeping your child at West Side for their 7th and 8th-grade years.
Our sons, Caleb and Colin have grown up at West Side and have been enrolled since they were 14 months old. If you've been around West Side for any period of time, you know about the 3-year classroom cycle, which concludes with each student's "capstone" year. Each capstone year is a student's time to shine as a leader/mentor and even a subject matter expert of sorts to their younger peers. These years are crucial in a child's development as they learn to interact with others and gain confidence in their knowledge and themselves.

Middle school years for many children can be awkward ones, as their physical and emotional growth really begins to accelerate. As a child goes through all of these changes, there is comfort in the familiarity of the Montessori environment and amongst a smaller, more intimate group of peers. Our boys both describe their classmates as brothers and sisters. 

Academically, we found the middle school program at West Side is an excellent preparatory for high school. The individual assignments and collaborative learning opportunities more than readied our oldest in his transition to a large public high school. The program meets students where they are and pushes them just the right amount.  Our oldest was a completely different person at 14 than he was at 12 and West Side was a great place for him to transition, grow, overcome obstacles and learn to thrive. 

The middle school experience at West Side is much like a double capstone year at one of the most formative and crucial times in your child's life. Certainly, every child is different as is every circumstance, but there are many advantages to remaining at West Side as your child steps into young adulthood. 

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