Alum Collaborates with WSM Students on Ukraine Project

The current war in Ukraine inspired WSM alum Allison Sachs (‘20), now a sophomore at Notre Dame Academy, to take action. Allison describes herself as “an avid news reader and a blooming activist” and stated that she “wanted to make a difference and guide others in my community through these dark times.”
In requesting a partnership with our students she shared, “I know from my time at West Side that peace and supporting humanitarian efforts are really important to the school and the Montessori philosophy and I want to keep that going.”
In order to educate others and gather support for Ukrainian refugees, Allison arranged a creative letter-writing project. She came to campus and met with Lower and Upper Elementary students. She talked about how hard it must be to have to flee your home with next to nothing and that 2.5 million of the refugees are children. She provided templates for the students to color, decorate, and include a message to help brighten the days of displaced Ukrainian children and families. Students could also create their own designs. 
Allison made arrangements for these letters of support, unity, and peace to be delivered to Ukrainian refugees. An adult working with the Ukrainian children said, 
"In the middle of the training course we took a break and handed out to the teens drawings sent to us by children from Toledo, Ohio, USA. We told the teenagers about the girl who arranged it, and that she also chose leadership and did something meaningful with the power she has, just like them. It was an amazing connection, they were really excited to receive the letters." "It excites me to know that a girl our age organized so many children for such a thing..." said Nargiz, age 10.