Join us for West Side Montessori's Annual Fundraiser:

EpiCuriosity: Wanderlust Edition

May 15, 2021 · 8:00 p.m.
This is West Side Montessori's signature event and largest fundraising event of the year. You don't want to miss this fun program and opportunity to support West Side! 

The event will feature silent and live auctions. We hope to "see" you there! 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the format for EpiCuriosity: Wanderlust Edition? 
Our event kicked off on Monday, May 10th at noon with our silent auction. After you are registered, you can bid on packages throughout the week. New packages will be added daily until our broadcasted event May 15th. Our broadcasted event will start at 8:00 pm and will include our annual Fund-A Wish and Live Auction, layering in a little bit of fun along the way. This year’s live auction will feature limited packages that will surely generate some excitement.
How do I bid on a silent auction item?
First, register here. Silent bidding will open on Monday, May 10th at noon. Once the silent auction opens, you will receive a Welcome text on your mobile device with your personalized bidder’s link. After clicking the link in your text, you will be ready to look at all the items and place some bids! New items will be added daily. The silent auction will remain open until 10:00 pm, Saturday, May 15th! That is a full 6 days of fun! More detailed information about online bidding is also provided in this packet.
How do I bid on a live auction item? 
Just like the silent auction, you must be a registered guest to bid on our live auction items, which you can do here. The live auction is saved especially for the night of the event. Bidding on these packages will also be done on your mobile device.
What is Fund-a-Wish? 
Every year WSM raises money to fund program enhancements. Registered guests can donate to this cause via their mobile device at any time, starting on May 10th, 2021. During Fund-A-Wish, bidders are given the opportunity to financially donate towards the special enhancement - this year funds are being raised to purchase a yurt for the Toledo Campus and a pergola for the Perrysburg Campus.
If I attend the Spring Fundraiser Virtual Event, will I be expected to bid on something? 
There are no requirements for guests during the event, but we hope you will help support our school. Buy a raffle ticket, bid on an auction item, or donate to our Fund-A-Wish.
How much is admission? 
Tickets to the event are FREE, however you will be asked for a credit card number during registration. This is just in case you want to bid on a package or give a donation. Your credit card will NOT be charged if you do not win a package or give a donation.
Can I purchase tickets now? 
It’s FREE! Visit to start bidding! 

What do I wear? 
There is no need to dress up, unless you want to! Wear anything from pajamas to pageant gowns, it’s up to you. No one will see you unless you decide to have little fun in the virtual photo booth.
How do I pay for my auction win(s)? 
Paying for your items is simple. The credit card that you registered with will be charged for your purchases and/or donations at the end of our event. 
Thank you for your continued generosity and support of West Side Montessori!